800M2 Land and project

Investment land in the center of Avren

Price: 12,000 euro .

  1. This is a plot 870 sq.m. of  land for building in the center of the town of Avren in Varna district.
  2. There is a old house on the land and the plot is fronted by the main road through Avren.
  3. It is close to the sport stadium and purposed golf course.
  4. It has a top location for investors

About the construction:

We can propose an Eco Friendly option here, using materials that are sustainable and have a low impact on the environment and ultra low carbon emissions.

The structure of the house i.e. timber and boards will be from FSC registered sources, all other materials are Eco friendly in manufacture and design, the houses are pre built Off site meaning , there is a faster more efficient build time with less on site waste and less transport to and from site , as all materials are delivered to factories for the pre build meaning lower transport cost and lower emissions in the build>

This type of design is Not new in fact, but the materials and innovations in designs means that you have a house for the future, with a lower build cost, faster build time, lower impact on the environment means also lower running cost long term, means our designs are designs for the future.
We can include solar power with storage units , Geothermal heating, water recycling and waste management systems, upon request to make this the an optimum green project.

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