Designing your own home starts here, with carefull planning with a reliable partner to turn your dreams into reality.

Detached prefabricated timber framed houses are characterized by their individuality. The places or plots  where they are located can be very differnt ,we take stock of the location including surroundings, and what impact this new building will have on the area as a whole and what is allowed with local buildingregulations and together with the new to be home owner, we design a building that will be taylor made to complimet and suit all needs , this makes each house individual by design and is unique in what the new ower desires for the finish and interior:

First steps :is about The land - The planning allowance - and The initial design:


So after we meet the prospective client, we take time to view the locations then to find out what the client needs and then formulate ideas betwen us, the next stage is to be able to see visual of what the prosepctive project will look like and take things from there> you only do this once so it must be right and building your own home is an excellent way of getting just that.. a home of your dreams !

Design in the construction of prefabricated houses has two sides - one is to create a three-dimensional model ( visualization ), which specifies the characteristics of the building areas , the characteristics of the framework and the degree of completion. The second side is the preparation of an investment project which is activated according to the host country legislation for the implementation of construction activities.

Next is, The vizualization 3D and 2D - The project concept - and The overall design.


These two parts are interconnected, but not necessarily all of them to be initiated prior to the other i.e. we can do visualization and planning of the wooden structure already established architectural design or architectural design to become a pre-specified visualization and design.

The investment project includes the following parts:

  1. Architectural planning
  2. Construction
  3. Electricity
  4. Plumbing
  5. Heating
  6. Surveying

This project is done by professionals and presented to local authorities by a licensed architect. Its preparation can be by the client or commissioned us.

Next is: Final plan approval - then Planning application - and Final planning permission approval. 


Visualization of prefabricated houses shall be jointly and included in the cost of construction.


In the last few years  prefabricated constructional designs  with the aid of the advanced technology for design  and programming has got infinitely more progressive , programs with which to visualize the idea and can provide the most realistic appearance of the upcoming construction project. They are now more dynamic and innovative , and therefore are a much easier  way to implement changes and corrections. These programs work in two modes  or stages- 3D, 2D, doing exact sizing, specifying total area space distributions which is very important to prepare a overall design of a prefabricated houses. After specifying three -dimensional model , the data is transferred to a constructive program that quotes sizes, structure and  the type of wood frame construction required.

The Project realization:


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