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Offsite construction focuses on building products and new innovated  construction techniques offsite manufactured modern methods of construction (timber-frame, steel-frame, structural insulated panel systems (SIPS)), Affordable Housing, ECO Homes, Sustainable Buildings, Renewable and Sustainable Energy. 

Introducing the unique System - The ultimate turn key solution for factory fitted windows and doors.

The System was designed with offsite manufacturing a key factor. This innovation addresses the needs of offsite manufacturers by adding value to timber frame and SIPs offerings whilst delivering significant benefits to contractors and ultimately the end client.

The system enables fully glazed, fully finished windows and doors to be installed into timberframe and SIPS panels as part of the offsite production process  while having minimal impact on stacking, transportation and erection of finished panels. The system includes a wide range of clip on cill solutions that enable cills over 200mm to be added after erection of the timber frame structure. Our system can integrate air tightness solutions for between the window cavity and the structure giving an air tightness performance as low as zero m3/hr/m2@ 50 Pascals!!

Home Valley's unique bracket is manufactured from a super strong, thermally efficient plastic, which allows the fenestration to be installed on the horizontal or the vertical, enabling the windows and doors to sit fully protected within the depth of the panel during transportation and erection before being slid out to the 1st fix position. The brackets themselves significantly reduce the risk of cold bridging, which is vital as builders and developers reach for the higher levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

The System solves many of these problems giving timber frame and SIPS manufacturers an innovative yet highly effective way of supplying wind and watertight structures from the moment the structure is erected, which is necessary for closed panel construction.


                                        Window installation                                                   Panel completion ( quality control)

Key Features of offsite installed windows and doors:

  • Windows/Doors are installed offsite in controlled factory conditions
  • Windows/Doors are 1st fixed on site in under 3 minutes by semi skilled labour
  • Eliminates need for scaffolding adjustment - or step-ups
  • Structures are wind and watertight earlier in the build
  • Follow on trades start operations earlier
  • Eliminates window/door deliveries to site therefore  reducing site traffic
  • Eliminates manual handling of windows/doors on to site.
  • There is no site storage of windows and doors
  • Reduction in breakages and site damage
  • No reduction in transportation payloads through having to pack panels apart to protect the windows/doors
  • Savings on site cost due to faster build
  • Optional high performance air tightness solutions to meet Code for Sustainable Homes, Part L of the Building Regulations and of equal importance, reduces fire risk by limiting oxygen availability within the structure
  • Clip on Cills for fitting after external fabric built

 Key Benefits:

  • Faster Site Build
  • Higher performing structures
  • Cheaper through lower costs elements
  • Improved Health & Safety issues
  • Negates fire risk
  • Higher Consistent Quality
  • Increased Profit margins
  • Adds value to end product
  • Environmentally favourable with  reduced carbon footprint;


                 External panel installation                    Roof panel installation                           External panel unloading    

The Roof structure is always timber and is composed of horizontal and vertical beams rafters  and joists the connections between separate elements are steel screws, metal reinforced sections, ribbed planks, anchor bolts and patent bolts. Connections of the boards (gypsum fiber, OSB) etc. take place with specialist screw fixings;


The timber structure is secured with specialist fixings. The timber used is kiln dried down to 10-12% humidity at 80-90 degrees.By customer request, the timber can be additionally impregnated with environmentally friendly preservation treatments. The quality and addition of these materials with the construction is agreed in advance of the manufacture stage:

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