Interior wall specifications

The internal verticle  wall has a  standard total thickness of 135mm The timber framed construction is double sealed with gypsum fiber board and filled with mineral or stone wool for accoustic and sound insulation:


Non-load bearing walls

Non-load bearing walls usually consist of 100 mm depth stud frames onto which 12.5 mm plasterboard is fixed with insulation batons between the studs to provide sound resistance. All of the internal partitions, including framing for cupboards, are normally supplied with our timber frame package. This therefore  reduces the amount of site- carpentry required to a minimum. The lightweight nature of the construction method makes it relatively easy to change room layouts between dwellings, allowing variations over developments. Where necessary, additional support for partitions is provided by doubling up floor joists or providing blocking between joists.

Separating walls

Separating walls (i.e. party walls between room areas ) are formed with a clear cavity between independent panels, together with multiple layers of insulation battons and plasterboard. Light gauge restraint straps at storey height maintain stability of the structure without significantly affecting acoustic performance.

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