Why choose wood


In today’s climate people still regard real wood as one of the best building materials in the world. Together with other natural materials like stone it is the only 100% natural material used in building construction.

Unique, charming and with versatility with never ending durability it is great to work with and relax in a genuine timber framed building, as a house breathes and therefore it creates a healthy happy comforting environment.

Home Valley  specializes in hand made timber framed houses built for any purpose. As every log is different, every House we manufacture is equally unique and individual not only in design and shape but in form, ensuring total uniqueness in every build;

Timber framed  homes are the environmental missing part in the jigsaw to building and developing while emphasizing massively on sustainably. By you choosing to construct any building using logs or timber you are working towards a zero carbon structure.

The environmental benefits of using timber as a building source.


  1. Renewable - forest management control ensures that more trees are planted to replace those felled ensuring that sustainability is confirmed.
  2. Sustainable - trees reproduce naturally and therefore there is an inexhaustible supply of new stock always.
  3. Carbon sink - through photosynthesis trees lock up carbon which is stored in the timber we use.
  4. Resources - log and timber framed buildings rely less on water based construction materials for example cement and plaster reducing the pressure on our precious water resource.
  5. Landscape - log and timber framed buildings use much less aggregates reducing the amount of material that needs to be quarried and decreasing the impact on the landscape on a global scale.

There are other interesting aspects to sustainable building that we are now incorporating in our log cabins, and timber framed buildings which include the use of:

  1. Natural fibre insulation.
  2. Rainwater collection.
  3. Geothermal Energy.
  4. Solar and wind produced energies

Through intelligent and smart design with excellent quality materials your hand made timber framed house or log cabin should last from 100 to 200 years ensuring you leave a legacy for your descendants that you can be proud of. We are so proud and sure of our product we will guarantee it for a 30 years (see page for details).


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