Eco Technology


                 Solar energy

With an increasing greater demand for homes that reduce energy and running costs, whilst providing healthy living environments, there is a growing demand for builders and manufacturers to demonstrate their creativity and ability to provide innovative and sustainable homes for home providers and buyers.


              Carbon sink

Home Valley has an ongoing commitment to research and development has ensured that our timber frame solutions comply to all modern building regulations and demands.

 One size doesn't fit all

A growing interest in energy efficient wall panel systems, in particular closed wall and roof panel has prompted Home Valley  group  timber frame constructed panels to meet this need with the launch of our bespoke eco Building wall and roof panel system.The Company is taking a consultative approach to this construction method by working with clients to understand exactly what they hope for in energy performance then offering a value added alternative to the current 'off the shelf' standard closed panel product.


                Recycling water 

The benefits of eco building.

Our range of bespoke, high performance flexible panel solutions offer a variety of benefits:


  • Offers flexibility of design
  • Specific bespoke''U'" Value performance
  • Air tightness
  • Breathable technology
  • Increases speed of build
  • Erected quickly to watertight standard
  • Sustainability (Chain of Custody)
  • Labour costs savings
  • Quality Assured
  • Precision Engineered
  • Building Regulation compliant
  • Code of Sustainable Homes compliant
  • The Green Guide - 'A' Rated.

 UPVC Window Profiles: Multiple performance options for thermal seal units; 

Options vary from the very efficient and standard 70 mm multichamber double glazed profile, to the highly rated  88 MM triple glazed option with maximum energy saving and accoustic properties,all have significant heat and accoustic saving figures  all are highly rated .



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