The main features and benefits to using our product and to illustrate the main advantages of prefabricated timber framed constructed houses see below:

Ecological impact

  • A quick and clean construction method
  • High accuracy in the performance
  • High thermal insulation
  • Independence from weather
  • Resistance to earthquake (each area independently rated)
    • Obtaining information on the plot where the building will be built, the land status, local services including water and electricity communications and others.
    • Appraisal of investment intentions.
    • Clarification on the purpose of structure, the appearance and distribution of building.
    • Investment project, it is necessary and, if necessary, who will produce and construct ?
    • Foundation - usually the task of its construction is with the clients. We perform control implementation. In exceptional cases it may accept this part of the process:

 Building a house is a complicated process that takes into account the views of many countries and all their independent aspects. All Buildings  must comply with the local requirement for buildings and those too of the clients, the specifications of the property, the legal requirements and the opinions of experts,we believe that clarification of details, should observe the following steps:

 Next step is specifying the following details:

The degree of completion of the construction and characterization. It is possible to specify the degree of completion beyond the standard, and some of the activities to be performed by the customer, based on further negotiations. Construction of the structure is the result of our experience, but upon request can be changed with different dimensions allowed by the technological parameters.

After specifying  all points and before the final contract for manufacture is ready and complete,  in which prices, time schedules, the characteristics of the structure and methods of payment are all finally confirmed.

Delivery and installation is carried out according to the terms and conditions as specified within the contract.

Upon completion of the finishing operations, the project  is handed over to the client with protocol and then the warranty term begins:

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