Homes Valley Ltd is an exciting innovative progressive and newly  emerging as a company  throughout Europe and middle east  to meet the demands of the modern eco-conscious customer who requires state of the art technology, without making the substantial impact on the environment that traditional methods of construction usually bring whilst keeping an eye on cost and  of course the build time .

The Valley Group - are established as one of Europe's  premier home manufacturers and builders we are suppliers and also manufacturers of high end Timber framed pre fabricated panel constructed houses. The original timber structured houses are part of the old Europe where  a craftsmanship was a key element in construction unlike today,we  at Home Valley maintain those older crafts and this is transmitted to our designs bringing traditional method with modern technology together in practical harmony. Our aim is to help you realize your dream of owning and living in your own timber framed traditional  or modern style building.

What we are really about:

  • We strive to make as little impact on the environment in all aspects of our work and processes  as possible.
  • We use highly experienced workforce from architectural planners , engineering  specialist  manufacturing personnel, interior design  technicians  to site constructional and installation backgrounds.
  • We pride ourselves on  generating repeat business through  companies  and clients that are happy with our work.
  • Experience is key with  a commitment to excellent customer service which is a predominant  factor  in a very competitive industry.
  • We comply to a stringent material usage plan in thatwe use sustainable materials from renewable sources.
  • Our  factory constructed products are manufactured using materials optimised by our state of the art timber frame, roof and joist software to eliminate site waste.
  • Even our deliveries are efficient  as they are in bulk  to reduce our ‘carbon footprint’
  • We keep up to date with new and innovative technologies.


Site installation 

Our timber framed building are designed in, and manufactured in our main production facility in Bulgaria using the best quality materials,then either built locally as holiday homes or permanent residence for locals or tourists or exported and built anywhere in France or UK and throughout Europe. Our Buildings are designed to be lived in all year round and require very little maintenance to maintain a long life. Valley Homes have extensive experience in constructing timber framed houses so why not browse our website to see if one of our many standard designs meets your needs or contact us to design your own home. 

Quality assurance.

We at Valley Homes are not to be associated with many other manufacturers who produce cheap high volume quick turnover Prefabricated buildings, our professional and knowledgeable production team work very closely and expertly to produce stand out buildings that, in fact will last a lifetime. Every one of our buildings or Log Cabins, Timber Buildings, Insulated Log Cabins, Twin Skin Log Cabins, Summer Houses, Gazebos, home offices cabins, has our very own ideologies signature of excellence worked into the very fibre of our high quality timber;


                  Factory Production Line                    Insulation Process


                 Window Installation                       Water and electrical installation


                 Final Quality control                              Site installation

                                                 End of production line 

Professional knowledge

Our highly experienced design division use state of the art software to create 2D&3D visualisations of what is to be manufactured for all of our products. We utilise AutoCAD’s super-accurate software  systems to create our timber frame building designs as it allows us to see exactly what is to be manufactured and installed, so any queries from site can be transferred to the design office and dealt with  fast and accurately. If required, we can provide a design only service for anyone looking to manufacture or erect their own timber frame buildings. Usually we receive architects drawings from which we do a timber frame quote, and then if the quote is accepted we then transfer the drawings to our structural engineer who provides us  an engineering design from which we create the timber frame panel drawings for our factory to manufacture if required.


Our Guarantee.

With over 30 years experience of Timber framed and Timber Building Manufacturing throughout the EU and the Balkans this is where you can be assured of top quality materials from certified sustainable forestry, producing logs that are sympathetically treated with the most sophisticated computerized technology, you can be assured of obtaining the very best material from the very best source..

We are so proud and sure of our product we will guarantee it for a 10 years (see page for details):

For more information contact us now on:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Team

Anton Kalchev

Co Director (International Head of Sales and Marketing)

Georgi Georgiev BA (Hons) Interior Design

 Co Director (Head of Design)

Georgi Kalchev

Co Director (International Logistics)

Mark Bishop

International Sales &Trade Manager

Petko Zarbov

Trade and New Development Manager (UAE/Iraq)

Konstantin Doganov

(Group) Chief Architect- (Sofia)

Petio Denev

(Group) Interior Designer (Bulgaria)

Timothee Bacher

Renovations Director (France)

Vencislav Dimitrov

(Group) Director of Vizualizations