state of the are production process and manufacturing

  • Offsite construction process - (precision build method means efficient construction process)
  • Faster build time.  -  (more cost effective as lower on site and overall costs)
  • Reduction in overall build schedule. -  (more cost effective as lower on site or build costs)
  • Reduction in risk of delays. - (build finish on time as more efficient controlling factors)
  • Ease of project planning - (efficient build management system)
  • Reduction with site storage requirements -  (more cost effective lower carbon footprint)
  • Reduction on site waste - (more cost effective and better on site management)
  • Use of sustainable building material - (carbon sink materials  lower carbon emissions)
  • Achieves a high BREEAM or Eco Homes rating. (lower heating, cooling and overall running costs).



Through early engagement  with the timber frame  specialist, from  the projects conception, a maximum optimized design  solution and build program  can be formulated, with a technical description of timber frame construction given (see below).


Top 10 Timber frame advantages compared with most other forms of construction.

  1. The total package delivery of a weather tight structure consisting of all elements including inner leaf, internal partitions, floors and roof, within a planned scheduled  helps in meeting construction timetable.
  2. Timber frame construction provides existing routes for wiring and plumbing, significantly reducing the time required for these elements.
  3. The timber frame acts as a template, with predetermined openings. This  will reduce setting out  procedures and results in  total dimensional accuracy. Windows and doors are fitted easily.
  4. Multiple construction processes can be undertaken simultaneously, with work, such as  dry wall lining, starting much earlier in the build program. Brickwork is taken then  off the critical path.
  5. Timber frame construction process lead to reductions in ,on site storage requirements and site waste.
  6. Timber frame construction facilitates increased flexibility in the construction project as a whole. Through faster build times, it can lead also to higher turnover with faster turnkey solutions benefiting all parties, home owner and builder alike.
  7. Timber frame construction allows prefabricated floor units or ‘cassettes’ to be installed. It also allows the pre-assembly of trussed rafter roofs on the safe working platform of a lower floor unit.
  8. Using floor cassettes ensures that all the joists are set at the same level and correctly spaced. therefore , offsite manufacture enhances quality and speed of construction as well as safety on site.
  9. Internal trades  elements can continue, irrespective of progress on the external elements, and in a relatively clean uninterrupted environment.
  10. Less risk of delays through bad weather or usual on site factors.


 Faster build process means efficient build and completion schedule with earlier water tight structure stage