We are recruiting agents to sell for one of the most exciting Luxury Eco Build companies in the EU  All properties will be eco sensitive in build  and manufacture (with carbon neutral targets) without any compromise to levels ofquality and style.We aim to deliver a high end product with an affordable payment plan whilst ensuring the highest standards of quality and design are achieved.


  1. Excellent commissions rates paid on contract signing and 1st stage payment.
  2. Personalized service for each agent’s clientele.
  3. Spectacular full service Sales Gallery to help convert agent leads into sales.
  4. Full sales and marketing support available.
  5. Solid sales support for agents in major markets.
  6. Properties are delivered key ready.
  7. Quicker closing. 


Working with a product that is long established Eco Friendly ( agent and client friendly too) faster to build than conventional methods, means that you will have faster satisfied client, as our manufacture and build time is significantly less than most other build types that you currently sell, meaning that you client will be living and referring faster with us, than anything else you can sell!


For more information contact us now on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.