TIMBER:                  Sustainable forestry with timber as a renewable source of material for the production of ECO friendly buildings;

Wood is considered to be a sustainable building material because it is of course  derived from a renewable source and has low embodied energy. This mirrors the minimal non-renewable energy used in the production of timber and its use in construction. It also has great thermal properties, meaning that timber structures rely far less on carbon-emitting heating and cooling appliances than for example, buildings that are constructed of other materials.


Wood is also very durable. For example consider the age of any wooden dining table you may have in your home, kitchens or  a hardwood flooring?

Wood can also be recycled, which is important in terms of storing carbon through the life of a product and its transformation. Wood products look great too, don’t you think?

Solar energy. as a low cost reliable  eco energy source.


 Solar panel  benefits

  • Can reduce your electricity bills by up to 100%, depending on your energy consumption rate and size of the system purchased.
  • Sell power to the National Grid at better rates than your bank, even if you want touse it yourself.
  • Increases the value of your property.
  • No maintenance, with a long functional lifetime of 30+ years. PV solar installed in the 1960's are still working today.
  • Silent in operation and contributes all year round

Water recyling